Our Story

Neugerman Piano was founded in Berlin Germany in 1853. Clavichord in 17th and 18th Century cannot meet musicians’ performance needs; so, in mid-18th Century, the famous German organist, composer and musical instrument maker of Mr. Neugerman, based on structure of clavichord to create high-range strength of tone with hammer-action, in that way, the piano sound was more expressive and full of the illusion of dynamic effect, meanwhile, it inspired the musicians’ performance!

Neugerman Piano was founded in Berlin Germany in 1853

After continuous technical innovation, Neugerman Piano eventually became one of top brands in the world, and won reputation from famous musicians. Since the first Neugerman piano came out in 1853, our mission is to study and produce the best quality Grand Piano and Upright Piano. Until today, it is never changed. The reason that Neugerman piano is in high repute worldwide, that’s Neugerman Piano is with unique characteristics; so internationally renowned pianist, young artists and musical fans all prefer to use Neugerman Piano for their performances. After one more century, Neugerman Piano still keeps its high quality to meet high performance requests and we attended the International Musical Instrument Exhibition inFrankfurt, Germany many times. With experiences of excellent workmanship and technical innovations, when the music comes out from Neugerman Piano, it must win high amazing praise by its perfect performance outcome. Among so many worldwide piano brands, Neugerman Piano is always the best choice for pianists.